Fact Sheet #1
Why is this project necessary?

Fact Sheet #2
Why can’t Wisconsin just resurface the road?

Fact Sheet #3
What will happen if Wisconsin does not keep this project moving forward in the 2021-23 budget?

Fact Sheet #4
How will this project complement recent work on the Zoo and Marquette interchanges?

(Fact Sheet #5 in progress)

Fact Sheet #6
How will the project support the region’s economic recovery?

Fact Sheet #7
How does the project benefit the City of Milwaukee and its residents?

Fact Sheet #8
How was the preferred alternative determined?

Fact Sheet #9
What freight is shipped on the I-94 East-West Corridor?

Fact Sheet #10
How do the project and transit enhance regional mobility?

Fact Sheet #11
What are the benefits of moving forward with the project?

Preferred Alternative